Top 5 things to do in Braemar: For those who love exploring the outdoors

Braemar is such a special, awe inspiring area, so for those who love getting out in to the hills, Braemar Caravan Park is the ideal base. It's so hard to choose a top 5 for exploring the outdoors, so this list is by no means exhaustive, but if you're time limited and can only fit in limited time for exploring, here is our top 5.

1. Take a walk up Morrone. Morrone towers over Braemar Caravan Park, tempting you the whole time to take a walk up it. It's a beautiful walk, about 8.5 miles, and there are spectacular views from the top. 


2. Visit Loch Callater. Glen callater is an amazing and special place. The walk/cycle from Auchallater to Loch Callater is 3 miles each way along a track, and is an easy going walk. Glen Callater is home to some amazing wildlife, including Red Deer, Mountain Hare, Curlews and Wheatears, Dippers, Ring Ouzel and so much more. Once you reach Loch Callater the views are incredible and it's quite easy to take hundreds of photos! 

3. Cycle or drive to the Linn of Dee, then walk or cycle to Derry Lodge (and beyond). The Linn of Dee is on the Mar estate, where you can start your walk along Glen Derry to Derry Lodge, an old shooting lodge. 

4. If you want to explore and photograph the iconic Highland Landscape we are blessed with in the Cairngorms, then a day out with Steven Rennie Photography is a must. Steven offers bespoke photography tours on Invercauld Estate. Steve can provide tuition for the beginner to the advanced photographer. Get in touch with Steven for more information.

If you want to go for some more strenuous walks and you would like some guidance, get in touch with Hillgoers who can guide you to some amazing places, and help teach you some navigation and hill skills at the same time. There are a number of planned events throughout the year, such as a walk through the Lairig Ghru, or up some of the Munros in the area, or get in touch hillgoers if you want a bespoke guided walk.

5. This definitely has to be on the list. Our lives are getting increasingly busy and pressurised, and the constant connection to phones and internet, although can be really useful, can also play havoc with you peace of mind and wellbeing.

So one of our top 5 things to do in Braemar is to turn off your phone and other devices you may be connected to, and put them away in your bag. Take a walk in to quiet spot (this is something quite personal to each of us and really hard to choose from in Braemar as there are so many beautiful spots, like the Morrone Birkwoods, a quiet spot on the top of Creag Choinnich, or by the river Dee). Just take some time to look at the view, listen to the birds, watch the wildlife, look at the wildflowers, or just close your eyes.

The pressures of daily life can get overwhelming and just taking some time out, in the peace and quiet of nature, can be like a reset button and can make you feel completely refreshed. 

The most important this is to enjoy yourself. Happy holidays everyone.

Things to do in Braemar: Top 5 short walks

Braemar is an amazing place and there is so much to do whether you are interested in walking, cycling, wildlife watching, visiting castles or distilleries, and so much more. We can't fit it all in one blog so we'll be doing a series of top 5 things to do.

This is our top 5 short walks. Braemar is a beautiful place and Braemar Caravan Park has so many walks on our doorstep that it's easy to pitch up and not have to get behind the wheel again until it's time to go home or move on.

Invercauld Estate and Braemar Caravan Park have produced a booklet of walks which you can start from Braemar Caravan Park, which will soon be for sale in the on site shop. We also stock local OS maps and other books and guides of Braemar and the Cairngorms. We all love walking and cycling, so pop in for a chat and we're more than happy to point you in the right direction of our favourite places to walk.

Walks from Braemar Caravan Park book details these walks and a few more:

1. Braemar Village Loop; approximately 1.5 miles

If you've had a long journey and you need to get out to stretch your legs for some fresh air, this walk is perfect. It is an easy walk, on good surfaces, and takes you in to the village if you need any supplies.

2. Queens Drive; Approximately 2.5miles

A walk which gives spectacular views of Braemar, Ben Avon, Morrone and many other mountains of the Cairngorms. It also takes you through the Pine woods on the slopes of Creag Choinnich. There are gentle inclines and some uneven paths.


3.Lions Face: Approximately 4 miles

An extension of the Queens Drive walk, this route also gives fantastic views, takes you through woodland, and you can pop in to Braemar Castle on route. There are gentle inclines, some uneven surfaces and some steps on route.

4. River Dee walk: Approximately 3 miles

Another wonderful route on the banks of the River Dee. Fantastic for watching wildlife. The route is flat and even.

5. Morrone Birkwoods: Approximately 3 miles or 5 miles.

A slightly longer route which visits some really special habitats in the Morrone Birkwoods. There's so much opportunity for watching wildlife and the views are breathtaking. The route has steady inclines and some uneven surfaces which can be wet in places. Well worth every step.

These are just some of the walking routes, and there are many many more. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Happy walking everyone.  

Caring for the environment when you're Camping and Caravanning too

Camping and caravanning is such a fantastic way to enjoy exploring and seeing new places and getting away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives but it's also great to be mindful of our own impact on the environment. Nobody is perfect, but it is inevitable that we all produce waste, use electricity and gas and use petrol and diesel in our vehicles. There's been a lot of talk in the news recently about the devastating impact the insatiable use of plastic is having on the environment, and there are ways we can all minimise our own impact whether we're at home or away camping and caravanning.

Recycle whenever you can. We have glass recycling, mixed recycling, and standard waste bins. Sort your waste before disposing of it so you're ready to put it in the correct bins. The Bin lorry won't collect the whole bin if the wrong waste is them, so sorting your waste will really help.

Try using Solid shampoo bars and soap, instead of using plastic bottles of shampoo and shower gel. There are some fantastic sustainable plastic free products - and they take up hardly any space so are really easy to take when you're on the move.

Reuse items whenever you can. Use reusable camping cutlery and crockery instead of disposable. This will dramatically reduce the volume of waste each of us produces.

Braemar Caravan Park no longer sell bottled water, but we sell reusable travel mugs and drinks bottles - there are fresh water points around the caravan park for you to fill up your bottles.

We know it's not always practical to stop using all plastics, but reducing the amount we all use, reusing and recycling anything that can be recycled, will go a long way to help slow the problem. 

Walking instead of driving can help to minimise the emissions from vehicles. Braemar village is a short distance from the caravan park, and there are lots of lovely walks on our doorstep. We all use our vehicles regularly, and they're essential in an area like Braemar to get around, but if we use it a little less it can help. Braemar Village car park has a charging point for electric vehicles too.

Buying local produce whenever you can also helps to minimise our impact on the environment. It's not possible all of the time but every little helps. 

On the Caravan Park we have stopped using Pesticides to clear the pitches of vegetation. We will remove any on the hard standing by hand, but it can take us a bit time. We are sowing wildflower seeds in some of the borders and boundaries to help provide habitats for wildlife, and we are going to put up more nesting boxes for birds. 

This is a fantastic area for watching wildlife, and if we can do a little bit more to help, then everyone's a winner. 

Camping and Caravan holidays with your dog

Camping and Caravanning (Campervan/trailer tent/rooftop tent/Teepee also very welcome - but that'd be a long title!) is a way of life for many; whether you spend all your free time on campsites exploring this beautiful country, or have a planned few weeks in which to enjoy your holidays, it's important to know that when you arrive that you'll feel welcomed and relaxed, whether you travel solo, as a couple or as a family, and your pets are included as part of your family. 

We regularly have enquiries about whether we allow dogs, and the answer is yes we most certainly do. Braemar Caravan Park is a dog friendly campsite, whether you are bringing your own caravan, motorhome or tent, or you are staying in one of our camping pods. 

Braemar Caravan Park has a dog walk on site which is perfect for a quick stretch and toilet break in the mornings and evenings, and on the doorstep of Braemar Caravan Park there are walking routes a plenty, whether you prefer something more strenuous and challenging or a low level gentle stroll. We have two dogs who love exploring and we are happy to point you in the right direction when you're looking for walks that are suitable to do with your dog.

One of our dogs favourite walks is the Queens drive and the Lions face. Both are circular walks from Braemar Caravan Park which give breathtaking views in every direction. The Queens drive is just over 2 miles and if you add on the Lions face section it is around 4 miles. The walk takes you on well signposted tracks, which have sections which are a bit uneven with the odd hill in places. And if you want to walk up a wee hill with a lot of character, the summit of Creag Choinnich is just a mile from Braemar Caravan Park, and the views from the top are out of this world. It's a bit steep in the final section, but well worth it.

Braemar has a few places where you can go for a meal and you can include your dog. Moorfield House hotel has a great bar and serves fantastic meals. Invercauld arms welcomes dogs in to the foyer bar, The Bistro has an outdoor area in which you can take your dog. Some of the shops in the Village are happy for you to take your dog in with you if you're browsing, including the Wild Thistle, which has so many lovely things it makes you keep saying oooh, Braemar Mountain Sports and The Newsagent/Pharmacy...and of course Braemar Caravan Park Reception and shop.

We do love dogs and welcome them with open arms, but we do have some important information to highlight when you are bringing your dog to Braemar Caravan Park: Please Please ensure you clean up after your dog. We have a dog walk on site, and there is a poo bin as you enter/exit. You need to clean up after your dog in the dog walk as well as the Caravan Park and indeed when you're out exploring the village and beyond.  We have dog poo bags available in the shop at Braemar Caravan Park, and there are bins available to dispose of the bags. Please do not leave dog poo.

Dogs should be kept on a lead while on the Caravan Park. Dogs are a bit like us in that some do not like to be petted by everyone or greeted by all dogs that are passing. Some dogs may be nervous, recovering from illness or injury, or may be elderly or reactive in certain situations. Some people are also scared of dogs so respect other guests on the caravan park and always have your dog on a lead and under control.

Braemar and the surrounding area has a large population of Deer, Hare and many other wild animals, as well as having sheep and cattle roaming and in enclosed fields. Always ensure you have your dog under control to prevent any worrying of wild animals or livestock. If you're unsure or you see livestock in the fields or on the hills, keep you dog on a lead and under control.

In the event of an emergency  Morven Vets is a very good vets in Ballater or Alford, hopefully you'll never have to use them but it's good to be prepared.

Above all, book now and have a fantastic holiday at Braemar Caravan Park.

A New Year for Braemar Caravan Park

Braemar Caravan Park has been welcoming people for many years, and over the years there's been a number of changes, but what remains at the heart of Braemar Caravan Park is that we welcome people to come and stay with us in the beautiful surroundings of Invercauld Estate in the Cairngorms National Park, whether you want to stay in a caravan, Motorhome, tent, or one of our Camping 'Fog' Pods. 

Braemar Caravan Park has been open since around 1984; the exact date seems to be a mystery, but the Caravan Park has been here in one form or another for over 30 years.

The Land on which Braemar Caravan Park is situated, has been part of Invercauld Estate for generations. For many years, The Caravan Club leased the land and set up Invercauld Caravan Club site. 

In 2013, The Caravan Club terminated the running of the Caravan Park and Invercauld Estate took over the management, and around that time it became known as Braemar Caravan Park.

Braemar Caravan Park continued to be affiliated to The Caravan Club for a few years, but in December 2017, Invercauld Estate decided to end the affiliation and that Braemar Caravan Park will continue to be a campsite which welcomes all those who want to enjoy the fantastic scenery, the amazing walking opportunities, wildlife watching opportunities and explore the amazing rich history and culture on our doorstep - and that Membership of a club is not required.

Scotland has hundreds of fantastic Campsites which are located in some truly spectacular areas, some of the sites are run by Clubs, many are independent and unique - get out there and explore. If you're staying with us and you're planning a tour, pop in to reception and we're happy to share with you some of our favourite campsites we've stayed on throughout Scotland.

Invercauld Estate is investing in the future of Braemar Caravan Park to ensure we continue to offer great facilities, on a Caravan Park with a special atmosphere in a spectacular location. Invercauld Estate has over 200 square miles of amazing landscapes, set in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, and we want to ensure that people are welcomed without the need for a membership - but of course members of the numerous camping and caravanning clubs, are welcome with open arms too. 

In the last 3 years, extensive improvements have been carried out, to ensure Braemar Caravan Park is a fantastic place to be. We have a new reception and shop selling Camping and caravanning equipment, food and drink, and local arts and crafts. We have fantastic bread delivered daily from the Highlanders Bakehouse, and beautiful soaps from Deeside Soap Company.

We've designed and built 6 new Camping 'Fog' Pods; Beautiful and unique camping pods which are a brilliant alternative if you don't want to tow a caravan, or don't want to carry a tent and spend the time setting it up. They're heated, have comfortable beds, and have a mini-fridge, microwave and kettle. Perfect for a comfortable break.

Behind the scenes we've refit the showers, fitted new electrics, gas, and water pipes, renewed all of the fencing and much more.

The work will continue as we strive to make Braemar Caravan Park one of the best Caravan Parks around.  We are open 11 months of the year, only closing in November for a short break.

We love Braemar Caravan Park and we want to welcome and share this beautiful site with you, so why not come and visit, we look forward to seeing you. Why not book your break now. 

Happy New Year from the team at Braemar Caravan Park and Invercauld Estate. 


Welcome to the Winter Season 2017

Braemar Caravan Park is such a beautiful place to visit throughout the Winter months and We're fully equipped and ready for the winter.

Winter can be such a special time in Braemar, whether you're interested in Snow sports, photography, winter walking, wildlife, or just want a nice break away from the hustle and bustle, why not plan you're winter break now.

Braemar Caravan Park and Camping Pods are open for Christmas and New Year, and it is such a wonderful experience to enjoy the festive period in your Caravan, Motorhome or in one of the Camping Pods.


Many of the questions we get asked about when visiting us in the Winter, are about access to the Caravan Park and around the facilities on the Caravan Park if the weather turns, so here's a bit of information to help you plan your trip.

On the Caravan Park, we have a snowplough, snow blower and gritter to clear the snow and help you get around the Caravan Park in the snowy conditions, but do be prepared that pavements and roadways can be slippery and some ice grippers on your shoes and a walking pole can help you stay upright. 

Our toilets and showers are fully heated, and we have a drying room, boot drying room, and ski lockers to help store you wet gear when you’ve been out in the cold. We also have an information room with a sofa and book swap if you want to come and put your feet up and read a good book.

Temperatures can drop impressively overnight, so preparing your unit for the colder weather is worth doing. Most Caravans and Motorhomes have a pretty good heating system and it can be more cosy and easier to heat than a house, so check your heating system before you travel. 

Make sure you have enough Gas, and the correct type of Gas. When you're visiting in the winter months it is advisable to use Propane Cylinders rather than Butane Cylinders. Butane stops working below about 4 degrees, so to ensure you keep warm and can cook your dinner, look in to converting your unit to run on Propane instead of Butane.

Water can freeze quite rapidly, so it is a good idea to have some kind of insulation for your aquaroll/ external water containers to ensure you can still get water in to your unit. We have both outdoor and indoor water points on the caravan park, so sometimes if outdoor taps freeze, you'd need to use the indoor ones. 

If you're staying in one of our Camping pods, they are well insulated, have carpets and curtains and a heater, so are very cosy throughout the colder months.

Getting here: Many people arriving from the south will access Braemar Caravan Park from the A93 via Glenshee. There are snow gates at the Spittal of Glenshee and outside Braemar Caravan Park which have webcams with a live feed so if you are worried if the snow has affected the road, check on the webcams and traffic Scotland current incidents. If the road does become impassable, you can still access Braemar Caravan Park by travelling up the A90 towards Aberdeen and then the A93 towards Braemar. It is a slightly longer route but is less prone to being affected by the weather.

If you're coming from Inverness, the A939 also has snow gates and so if the gates close because of the snow, it's a good idea to travel from Inverness along the A96 to Huntly, and then south along the A97 to Dinnet, before joining the A93 to Braemar. 

Always check the forecast, TrafficScotland and The Braemar Snowgate Webcam and the Perth and Kinross Council Webcams. If you're after a bit of advice on routes, we're always happy to help. 

It is a good idea to prepare your vehicle for winter conditions too, even if there is no snow on the ground when you set off. Winter tyres are invaluable and will help give you traction when the roads become slippery. Have a snow shovel, ice scraper, warm clothes, a hot drink and some food to hand in case you do get delayed or diverted.

There may be some days when Mother nature decides that you have to have a rest day. When the snow is thick, the ice is too slippery or the wind may be too strong, but it's a lovely time of year non-the-less and it is part of the winter experience. There are cafes in the village which make an ideal Snow Day indulgence day treat. When it's wild outside, there's always a warm and cosy atmosphere, good coffee and cake and a bowl of fresh soup.

Finally, relax and enjoy. Winter is a magical time to enjoy a break in your caravan or motorhome. Whether you enjoy walk, photography, watching wildlife or doing winter sports, there’s no better place to spent the winter time.




Autumn in Braemar

Autumn is one of the most spectacular times of the year to visit Braemar. During the late summer/early Autumn, the hills are transformed as the Heather blooms in to flower, decorating the landscape with a carpet of purple, then as the leaves begin to change colour, a pallet of reds, golds and bronze transforms the landscape.



It’s at this time of year that the Red Deer Rut takes place, one of the most spectacular natural events to be witnessed in Scotland. Braemar is one of the best places to watch Red Deer, and in October the Stags put on a display to show their dominance in order to mate with their harem of hinds, and they will stop at nothing to defend them.

The roar echoes across Braemar. The stags less dominant stags without a harem try to move in on the dominant stags territories, first by displays of parallel walking, roaring and often it results in a fierce battle where the stags charge head first at each other, locking antlers to try and over power their opponent and drive them away from their harem. In some cases the battle can result in injury or even death, but more often than not it results in the defeated stag running off, leaving the conqueror to mate with the hinds in his Harem.

Migrating Geese are an amazing sight in the Autumn months, huge flocks of Geese pass over on their way North to colder climates for the winter. The flocks, often thousands in numbers, often stop in a field for a night to feed ready for the next leg of their journey.

Hundreds of Species of Fungi emerge in an eray of shapes and colours, Red Squirrels are busy gathering and storing food to see them through the winter months, and Thrushes swamp the Rowan trees to gorge on the berries.



Autumn really is a magical time to visit Braemar and the Cairngorms, and we look forward to welcoming you.


New Braemar Caravan Park Camping 'Fog' Pods

Braemar Caravan Park of Invercauld Estate are excited to tell you about our fantastic new Camping ‘Fog’ Pods.

The Camping ‘Fog’ pods are designed and built by Invercauld Estate and they are unique to Braemar Caravan Park, Indeed the pillars supporting the front of the Fog Pod are from larch trees grown on the Estate so they are truly ‘home made’!

Braemar Caravan Park Camping ‘Fog’ Pods are designed to ensure you’re comfortable whatever time of year you are visiting. They are warm and cosy, sleep 4 on comfortable mattresses, have a table and chairs, microwave, kettle and fridge.   

Our Camping ‘Fog’ pods have been inspired by the traditional Fog houses which can be found on Invercauld Estate. The original ‘Fog houses’ are small buildings, beautifully crafted in timber with a heather and moss roof. There are a number of theories about the origins of the name Fog house.-Some say ‘Fog’ is anglicised from the word ‘Feugh’, which is a traditional Deeside thatched longhouse. Others suggest that ‘Fog’ derives from the Scots word for Moss, which was used for making the walls and roof. Another story is that because many fog houses are close to water sources, the spray from nearby waterfalls appears like a fog. Yet another theory is that gentleman used the fog houses as a place to smoke in and the smoke appeared through the moss roof. Whatever the true origins of the term, you may see a traditional ‘Fog house’ while you are staying with us at Invercauld - the nearest one is located in the grounds of Braemar Castle. They’re a lovely place to sit and relax whilst you’re enjoying the beautiful landscape of Invercauld Estate, which is just like our new Camping Pods.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience our fantastic new Fog Pods and we hope you love them as much as we do.


The Snow Roads Scenic route

Braemar is in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, and is one of the most spectacular places to visit, and to get to, in Scotland. There are amazing walks to enjoy, wildlife to see, castles, distilleries and Highland games to experience, yummy food to eat and a special place to enjoy peace and tranquility; It is also one of the most beautiful areas to enjoy a scenic drive. Scotland is known for some amazing scenic road routes, the North coast 500 and Glencoe are the stalwarts, but the new route to explore is called the Snow roads. Though it's called the Snow roads, it's a fantastic route to enjoy all year round.

The Snow Roads Scenic Route is a 90 mile journey from Blairgowrie to Grantown-on-Spey, following the highest A road in Britain and travelling through the outstanding landscapes of the eastern Cairngorms. The road links Braemar, Ballater and Tomintoul with a range of natural and cultural attractions to enjoy on the way, and there's a fantastic leaflet with details of the route to help you on your way.

There are three stunning snow road art installations to visit which are fantastic reasons to stop and explore this wild and beautiful landscape. A Cairngorms photo-post is also located at each installation to allow you to capture changes in the landscape.

The Snow Roads route follows roads which show be enjoyed slowly. Take your time to enjoy the views, villages and attractions along the route. Steep hills, ‘blind’ summits and tight bends on the roads mean you’ll need to drive with care and courtesy. On narrow sections please use the passing places to allow others to continue on their way.  Warning this route traverses the highest roads in Britain – it’s called the Snow Roads for good reason. Please check the weather forecast and follow any travel warnings. There is an 18 tonne weight restriction on Gairnsheil Bridge, and it’s not suitable for long vehicles.

Why not link your journey on the Snow roads and link to other tourist routes such as Royal Deeside, the Whisky Trail or the North Coast 500.


Eating out in Braemar

Braemar is a fantastic village, just a short walk from Braemar Caravan Park. We may be a small village but there are plenty of places to get ingredients for a picnic, to sit and enjoy coffee and cake, a bite to eat for lunch or a nice evening meal.

Here at Braemar Caravan Park, we have the fantastic Highlanders Bakehouse deliver fresh bread straight to our door, a fantastic variety of artisan bread in lots of scrumptious flavours, as well as Eggs and Croissants. We have a shop on site selling tinned soup and beans, chocolate, crisps, ice cream and drinks. We also stock BBQs, disposable and reusable.

Braemar Village has a butchers, Neil Menzies, which makes homemade pies, and sells cooked meats and locally made cheeses from Cambus o’May cheese factory near Ballater.

Braemar has a Coop supermarket for all your essentials.

There are numerous cafes to choose from if you fancy popping out for coffee and cake, or a bite to eat for lunch.

The Bothy, a fantastic cafe open daily for Breakfast and lunch, or a relaxing afternoon coffee and cake. There is always has a wonderful warm welcome and lots of yummy food and drink to choose from.

‘Taste’, not only a fair trade cafe with delicious offerings, but also a deli so you can take away a treat. All the bakes are handmade, and coffee is rain forest alliance and the tea is fair trade. 

Gordons Tearoom, lovely cosy cafe with a wide selection of coffee and cakes, lunches and snacks, and throughout the summer also opens for evening meals.

The Moorfield house hotel is a warm and friendly hotel with a bar and restaurant, and the place to eat out if you have a dog with you on your holiday. The hotel offers evening meals, and also a bar with real Ales.

The Gathering place Bistro is next to the Bothy and is both a bistro and bar. There are a wide range of yummy meals available in the evenings and serves later than other eateries.

The Invercauld arms has a restaurant and also offers bar meals to non-residents. Invercauld Arms now offers  delicious afternoon tea menu, and fresh Pizza to eat in or take away.

Braemar lodge hotel has a restaurant open to non-residents and has an incredibly popular Sunday Carvery throughout the summer months, a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Braemar Golf Club also has a restaurant and is open for evening meals and lunches, to both members and non-members.

Glenshee Ski Centre has a cafe open all year round, even when the Ski season is over, it's well worth a visit for lunch, or a coffee, and in the summer months.

And you can’t forget the Hungry Highlander, a chippy with a reputation or a rather good venison burger.

Please check with all the eateries listed above if you are planning a visit as not all of them are open 7 days a week.

Pop in to reception or our information room while you’re staying with us and we’ll be happy to show you where all these wonderful places are. Happy Eating everyone.