Top 5 Best Things To Do On A Wet Day In Braemar

So you wake up, rains been drip, drip, dripping on your tent or caravan all night and the forecast for the day ahead isn't looking  any brighter, just more rain and your wondering what to do for the rest of the day. Hopefully, the following top 5 things to do in Braemar might bring you some inspiration. Braemar Caravan Park  and Braemar itself is an inspiring destination and can be a great place to be no matter the weather.

It's all about what you can do with your day that's going to bring the most satisfaction. Finding an activity or shelter inside from the rain is all you need for a few hours. Here are just a few ideas to think about.


  1.  Go for a breakfast roll or full breakfast at The Bothy, cafe/ restaurant, adjoining the mountain shop, sit back with a hot drink, wait on your breakfast to arrive and watch the river rushing past from the rear windows then have a chat and plan your next activity as soon as the weather fairs up. You can take your dog in with you as well.




   2.  If it's afternoon, why not wrap up, get your boots on and wander down to Farquarsons Bar and Kitchen. Have a pint or two and relax with friends or family in the comfy seating by the log fire and enjoy the warmth of your surroundings.





  3.  Go for a walk with your dog or offer to take your neighbours dog for a walk. It will get you out and about and stretch your legs for an hour or so. Give your mind a chance to plan your next activity when the weather fairs. Remember there's always the drying room onsite to dry off any wet clothing or boots.





  4.  Jump in the car, as it's a longer walk on a wet day, and head along to Braemar Castle, at the other end of the village. A fascinating 17th Century castle owned by the Chief of Clan Farquarson. There is a small gift shop onsite and a chance of a hot drink to warm you up.





  5.  Wander round to the Braemar Highland Games Centre. signposted through the village and along past The Fife Arms, continue past the Braemar Gallery and see the signs ahead and heading off to your left.Visit the museum and enjoy a hot drink and some lunch in the cafe. Take the chance to see the arena where the Braemar Gathering takes place each September and the current games can trace their roots back to 1816.





Maybe now, when visiting Braemar Caravan Park and the weather behaves in the way it very often does in Scotland, you will be able to find some inspiration to get up and get out there to discover something new about Braemar and it's very vibrant and colourful history.

 We look forward to seeing you - no matter the weather !!