Autumn at Braemar Caravan Park


Autumn is a really magical time at Braemar Caravan Park. There might be a few more wet and windy days than Summer, but there so much to see and do, it's well worth a visit to enjoy this very special time of year.

The colours of the landscape are spectacular, and change every day. The deep golds and Rich reds of the Rowan, the bright Yellow Aspen, the chestnut browns of the Beech to name but a few. Braemar Caravan Park has a variety of trees on the site, which attract lots of different Wildlife; Red Squirrels which gorge on the Hazel nuts and Scots Pine Cones; Black Birds, Red Wings and Mistle Thrushes enjoying the Rowan Berries; Long tailed Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and Blue Tits, Tree Creepers, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Tawny Owl, all on site feeding themselves up preparing for the long Winter ahead.

And if you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse of the cheeky Stoats and Weasels darting around in the evening light to find some food, or the Pippistrelle Bats flying around the lights to feed on the insects. 

In the woods opposite Braemar Caravan Park on the flanks of Creag Choinnich, there's a brilliant Nature trail which guides you round some fantastic habitats.


October is also a brilliant month to Visit Braemar if creativity is your thing. The annual Braemar Creative Arts Festival hosts an amazing variety of workshops and events to get your creativity flowing. This year is no exception and has many new arts and crafts on offer to try, it's hard to choose what to choose, but whatever you choose will be fantastic. Whether you are interested in creative writing, drama, music, dance or crafting, there is something for everyone. This years festival starts on the 24th October and finishes on the 28th October with Braemarket, a craft fair in the Village hall which is a great opportunity to get some unique christmas presents in early.

If you normally come camping in a tent but are unsure about being under canvas as the seasons change, our Braemar Caravan Park Camping pods offer a comfortable, warm, cosy alternative. The Pods are heated, insulated, carpeted, thick curtains, comfy mattresses and have a microwave, kettle and a mini-fridge. Book your camping pod break now.

Braemar Caravan Park is open until the 28th October 2018 and reopens on the 1st December 2018, so we're only closed for a few weeks before the Winter season begins.