July - Latest News from Braemar Caravan Park

Latest News

The month of July is rapidly moving forwards and we continue to have some challenging weather events during this month. Last week has brought some record breaking temperatures across Aberdeenshire and indeed the rest of the UK, with Aboyne, especially, which broke their highest recorded temperature.

Bookings on the park continue to be very busy through this month, with most weekends being fully booked.

This is a combination of high season, school holidays and the welcome return of European visitors coming to the UK and touring Scotland in their motorhomes and caravans this year.

The Braemar Gathering on the first Saturday in September is also fast approaching and we continue to be involved with final preparations and ordering of items for the rally field and signage for the main road outside the entrance to the rally field area.

You will probably, no doubt, be aware that the Tour of Britain Cycle Stage is planned to run through Aberdeenshire on Sunday the 4th of September, the day after Braemar Gathering Saturday.

Various rolling road closures are planned along the A93 out of Aberdeen and the A93 through Braemar Will close at 11am prompt and remain closed up to Glenshee car park until 5-6pm, when the organisers deem it safe to re open the road.