Planning your trip through the Lairig Ghru - and other amazing routes

Braemar Caravan Park is a fantastic base for walking some of Scotlands Largest and most iconic mountains, and it is also an ideal start or finish point for some really spectacular longer distance walking routes; The Lairig Ghru, Jocks road, Lairig an Laoigh and many more.

These routes are amazing, walking them is a great experience, and can also be quite challenging, not just in terms of the weather - which can change in an instant, but logistics.

A big consideration when you're planning your walk, is how you're going to get back to where you started. One option of course is to walk back the next day - but time constraints (and tired legs) may well stop that. 

Public transport in Braemar can take you in the direction of Ballater and Aberdeen, but going south or over the hill to Aviemore requires a lot of planning and takes a long time.

There are guided walks available who organise transport; Hillgoers and the the National trust for Scotland at Mar Lodge organise guided walks throughout the summer and have a minibus waiting for you at the other end ready to bring you back. So you'll get to enjoy the route in the company of like minded people and you may make a few new friends on the way.


Highland Yaks is another fantastic service in the area, they not only can be your transport for a walking route, they can arrange bikepacking pick ups and drop offs, Canoe transport and drop off, Airport transport and even distillery trips.

So whatever you're planning there are some fantastic companies in the area ready to help with your trip.

Happy walking everyone :)