Wildlife In and Around Braemar Caravan Park

Wildlife In And Around Braemar Caravan Park


During all seasons of the year you will be able to spot a variety of wildlife which resides on or near Braemar Caravan Park whilst staying with us. 

I hope you and your family take some time to find the wildlife surrounding you whilst visiting this wonderful area within the Cairngorms National Park.


What Wildlife Could I See ?


 Red Squirrel

Red squirrels are fantastic, quirky characters and provide hours of entertainment watching their antics. They can be found around Braemar Caravan Park and prefer woodland areas with mixed conifers. They do not hibernate in winter but manage to get through by searching for the food they have buried throughout the autumn months.



Red Deer

Red deer can be seen all around Invercauld Estate land, hillsides, mountaintops and even down to Braemar village and the surrounding area through the colder, harsher winter months. The more years the deer age, the larger the antlers grow. Deer can live anywhere from 16 to 20 years.



Ospreys can be found, during the summer months, in the surrounding areas around Braemar. They head south during September/October as the weather starts to become colder. Ospreys are great fish eating birds of prey and can be found hunting close to rivers.


 Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle can be found in remote glens around the north of Scotland. With a wingspan of just over two metres, they can be seen soaring high up searching for food. Their diet consists of rabbit, smaller birds, foxes or even small deer. Sea eagles also come inland and can sometimes be seen around Invercauld Estate's quieter glens.


Mountain Hare

Mountain hares are masters of camouflage ! They can change their body colours to blend in with the terrain around them. In the winter months they will become fully white to suit the snow covered hillsides surrounding them. In spring and summer, their coat will become a mix of brown colours which blend with the grasses and heathers around them.


Pine Martin

Pine Martins are extremely agile creatures and greatly suited to tree climbing. Their claws for gripping the trees when climbing and their tails assist with their balance. Pine martins usual habitat is within woodland areas with a mix of trees and fallen trees. 



These little birds only weigh as much as a £1 coin ! They are agile little characters and live on tiny insects such as spiders, beetles, bugs and caterpillars. Wrens have a lifespan of around 2 years and these tiny birds can easily be seen around the caravan park. 


Where Am I Likely To See These Animals ?


The great news is they are all native to this area of north Scotland and The Cairngorms National Park

Whilst staying with us at Braemar Caravan Park and taking a quiet walk around the outskirts of the village or the wooded hillsides, your chances of seeing and hearing the native wildlife will increase dramatically.

Staying on the caravan park itself will also help you see some of the smaller animals mentioned above.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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