Looking to the future with Invercauld Estate

Braemar Caravan Park has been operating since around 1984, and since 2013 has been managed by Invercauld Estate. 

Invercauld Estate has been in the ownership of the Farquharson family since before 1432. The current laird, Captain Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld is the 16th laird and chieftain of the Clan Farquharson.

The Estate covers around 200 Square Miles of amazing landscapes in the Cairngorms National Park. The Estate is run as a trust with the guidance of the Farquharson family

Invercauld Estate is located in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park , in spectacular Royal Deeside. The Estate is managed commercially but with great respect for the natural environment.

Invercauld Estate is a sporting Estate and is world renowned for grouse shoots, deer stalking and salmon fishing. The native Caledonian Scots Pine provides the backdrop for rolling heather covered mountains leading up to a number of Munros. 

Invercauld Estate plays a significant role in the community of Braemar, and in the last two years have been carrying out a masterplan to identify the potential developments for the future of Braemar to help ensure a sustainable, thriving community. 

On the 4th September 2018 between 2:30 - 4:30pm or 5:30-7:15pm at Castleton hall, the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) will be holding a consultation event to set out proposals for Braemars future in its Local development plan. CNPA has suggested that some land at the North East of the village should be made available for development.

Invercauld Estate owns this land and is now preparing proposals for consideration by CNPA. Invercauld Estate invites you to give your views on  how a development in the village might meet the needs of Braemars residents, businesses and visitors.



Braemar Caravan Park Fog Pods.....What's a Fog Pod???

Braemar Caravan Park Camping Pods are truly unique and a great place to stay. We often get asked why we call them Fog Pods, so we thought we'd explain.

Braemar Caravan Park and Camping Pods is operated by Invercauld Estate. A large estate spanning some 200 Square miles in the Cairngorms National Park, with Braemar at its Heart. Invercauld Estate has been in the ownership of the Farquharson family for over 500 years, and dotted throughout the Estate are a number of little 'Fog Houses'. 

Fog houses are little follys, huts to have a picnic and take a break. Fog Houses on Invercauld estate are decorative wooden structures with a Heather thatch roof. You can visit 2 of the Estate Fog houses during your visit to Braemar. One is next to Braemar Castle, another is in the woodland behind Keiloch Crag, where there is a fantastic waymarked trail you can walk and you'll discover a Fog House perched on a hill with spectacular views down the river Dee. 

The reason for them being called a Fog House is uncertain. Some say ‘fog’ is anglicised from the word ‘Feugh’, which is a traditional Deeside thatched longhouse. Others state that ‘Fog’ derives from the Scots word for Moss, which was used for making the walls and roof. Others have said that because many of Scotland’s fog houses are close to water sources, the spray from nearby waterfalls appears like a fog, although the Fog houses of Braemar are not close enough to water.

Braemar Caravan Park Fog Pods are a modern version of Invercauld Estate Fog Houses. They are designed and built by Invercauld Estate on Invercauld estate, so are unique to us. They are a really comfortable, warm, cosy and relaxing place to stay while visiting Braemar. They sleep four people, with comfortable mattresses and they are equipped with a microwave, Kettle and mini-fridge, table and chairs, Sockets with USB ports and Wifi is available. 

They have a decking area where you can sit and look at the spectacular views in comfort.

So whether you're looking for more comfort than a tent, or are unable to tow a caravan, and you don't have a motorhome or campervan, Braemar Caravan Park Fog Pods are a great place to relax and unwind and enjoy your holiday.

To find out more and book your stay in the Fog Pods at Braemar Caravan Park, visit our website for more information.