Winter Wildlife on Invercauld Estate around Braemar Caravan Park

Invercauld Estate is home so some of Scotland's most iconic wildlife, which is a truly magnificent to witness in such an amazingly beautiful environment. At Braemar Caravan Park you don’t have to venture far to see Red Squirrels which can be seen foraging and caching for nuts and seeds to keep them going through the long winter.

From our new view point you may be lucky enough to see Buzzards circling overhead, or sometimes catch a glimpse of the elusive and stunningly beautiful Golden Eagle.

Mountain Hares transform from brown in to a bright white and can be seen surviving in the most harshest of environments. Ptarmigan are perfectly adapted to living high up in the mountains in the arctic conditions of the Cairngorms National Park, transforming their camouflage from the grey mottling of the granite to the bright white of freshly fallen snow.

There are Tawny owls and Barn owls, Fieldfares, Red wings and so many more bird species all in search of food to keep them going through the cold winter.

The Red Deer are also a spectacular sight in the Winter months. Their coat grows thick to keep them insulated from the harshest of temperatures, and they venture further down the hills in search of food to graze on. In winter herds of Red Deer hinds can be witnessed in their hundreds, whilst the stags tend to stick to smaller herds.

Braemar Caravan Park is an ideal place to start your search for wildlife, there are paths and tracks that can be followed directly from the Caravan Park or just a short drive away, which will take you deep in to remote glens, along gushing rivers and waterfalls, through Caledonian forests or vast heather moorland.

The Wardens at Braemar Caravan Park are passionate about the area and are always happy to give advice on routes to walk in the area.

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