Northern Lights From Braemar Caravan Park

When the weather patterns are correct for sightings of the Northern Lights, where else would you rather be that in your own caravan, motorhome, camper van or tent at the caravan park all set to see the stunning Aurora Borealis.

This natural phenomenon produces a breathtaking show with an array of colours with greens, blues and even reds. The array occurs when the sun fires particles in Earth's direction. These particles are then deflected by the Earth's atmosphere which creates the dancing display of colour that we see in the Northern Sky.

These Northern Lights are best seen across Aberdeenshire & Aberdeen and in conditions where there is little or no light pollution in the vicinty of the observer. With our location being in the correct latitude for viewing the lights and the the best time of year to see them is winter.

Ideal location to view is down the bottom end of park, furthest from the reception and toilet block lighting,  pitches 36 - 40 or pitches 43-48.

Other examples of locations in the area would be on the roadside in some of the laybys nearer the top of Glenshee, some of the coastal beaches around Aberdeen and away from any street lighting or the roadside on the way up to Tomintoul. An outstanding picture below was taken by a customer staying with us recently on the park.

This customer was staying with us on pitch 36 and had booked in with the intention of capturing an image due to the planned weather conditions.


 Perhaps the next time, when the conditions are correct for viewing this phenomenon, you may consider Braemar Caravan Park as an ideal location.

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