Surviving Scottish Weather: A Comedy Guide to Packing for Braemar

Well Braemar  -  Where the hills are alive with the sound of bagpipes and the weather changes faster than you can say "haggis". Packing to come here, that is Braemar, requires  a strategic approach, a little bit of humour and possibly even a little bit of magic. Welcome to the survival guide that guarantees you won't be caught in a downpour without your brolly or overheating in your kilt.

Firstly, we need to remember that the Scottish weather can be like a mood swing on the bagpipes - unpredictable and bound to leave you questioning your life choices. Pack layers, not just for warmth but for the thrill of an impromptu fashion show as you shed or put on items of clothes at the whims of the weather gods.


Braemar can boast four seasons in one day, so a waterproof jacket is your best friend. It pays to invest in one that's as reliable as a favourite whisky - both should keep you warm and with a hint of smokiness !

As for footwear, remember to bring some sturdy shoes or boots that can handle both mud and rocks. You want to resemble a Highland dancer trying to navigate puddles in dainty dancing shoes !


And let's not forget the midge repellent for mild, calm evenings in summertime - those tiny, relentless beasties have a fondness for unsuspecting tourists that rivals Nessie's affinity for photobombing.

Enjoy your visit,  I'm sure you'll have a ball !


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