Nature thrives here - prepare to meet with the wild!

At Invercauld Estate, conservation is at the core when it comes to preserving the natural landscape and the wildlife it supports.

There are five types of terrain to discover, each populated by flora and fauna that have adapted over millennia to thrive in their environment. Up high in the montane, the temperature and environment is Alpine in nature so only specialised wildlife can live here like the ptarmigan, golden eagle and mountain hare. Beinn a’ Bhuird is Britain’s 11th highest peak and it's right here on Invercauld Estate. On moorland, curlew, kestrels and merlins nest. In the autumn, red deer rut and in the summer snow gives way to swathes of purple heather. Further down, on the woodland edge, black grouse perform their strutting mating dance or ‘lek’ in the spring whilst red squirrels and roe deer call the forest home. Further down, at the valley floor, humans can thrive and farm. Sheep and cattle graze, oystercatchers and lapwings breed, and barley is grown for whisky production. Riparian areas, where the Rivers Dee, Gairn and Clunie wend, are host to salmon and trout, dippers and the mighty osprey.

Explore the zones and discover the different terrains and their respective inhabitants and plants in more detail on the Invercauld Estate website..

It is no wonder that the Estate has attracted photographers and film-makers for many years. Old farm steadings, fog houses and bothies conjure the pre-industrial past and pristine riverscapes make wildlife watching a rewarding pursuit. The BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch crews have documented the success stories of rare creatures here. From golden eagles to wildcats, mountain hares to ptarmigans, the Cairngorm National Park offers the perfect natural balance. With areas of total wilderness and traditional Highland villages like Braemar with its vernacular architecture, it's a film-maker's dream come true.

Don't take our word for it, come and visit us and see for yourself! A warm Braemar Caravan Park welcome awaits.