New Braemar Caravan Park Camping 'Fog' Pods

Braemar Caravan Park of Invercauld Estate are excited to tell you about our fantastic new Camping ‘Fog’ Pods.

The Camping ‘Fog’ pods are designed and built by Invercauld Estate and they are unique to Braemar Caravan Park, Indeed the pillars supporting the front of the Fog Pod are from larch trees grown on the Estate so they are truly ‘home made’!

Braemar Caravan Park Camping ‘Fog’ Pods are designed to ensure you’re comfortable whatever time of year you are visiting. They are warm and cosy, sleep 4 on comfortable mattresses, have a table and chairs, microwave, kettle and fridge.   

Our Camping ‘Fog’ pods have been inspired by the traditional Fog houses which can be found on Invercauld Estate. The original ‘Fog houses’ are small buildings, beautifully crafted in timber with a heather and moss roof. There are a number of theories about the origins of the name Fog house.-Some say ‘Fog’ is anglicised from the word ‘Feugh’, which is a traditional Deeside thatched longhouse. Others suggest that ‘Fog’ derives from the Scots word for Moss, which was used for making the walls and roof. Another story is that because many fog houses are close to water sources, the spray from nearby waterfalls appears like a fog. Yet another theory is that gentleman used the fog houses as a place to smoke in and the smoke appeared through the moss roof. Whatever the true origins of the term, you may see a traditional ‘Fog house’ while you are staying with us at Invercauld - the nearest one is located in the grounds of Braemar Castle. They’re a lovely place to sit and relax whilst you’re enjoying the beautiful landscape of Invercauld Estate, which is just like our new Camping Pods.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience our fantastic new Fog Pods and we hope you love them as much as we do.


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